Section Viii Of The Statewide Telecommuting Pilot Program Agreement

The State has agreements with the CSEA, EEF and UUP, which create a Pilot Pilot Program due to public health concerns about coronavirus. This pilot program also applies to M/C employees. If management finds that it is operational or necessary, telework is allocated or authorized, as far as possible, to employees represented by these unions. New York State has agreements with the CSEA, EEF and UUP, which establish a Statewide Telecommuting Program (Temporary) Statewide Telecommuting Program. The program may also apply to M/C employees. The pilot telecommunications program will come into effect immediately and will remain in effect until May 14, 2020. Telework agreements are an important part of a multidimensional strategy to prevent the sustainable spread of COVID-19 among state workers. This program strikes a balance between the government`s continued functioning and, at the same time, appropriate precautions for public servants to prevent the spread of disease. Wherever existing agency/installation/campus telecommunications programs conflict with the guidelines of the pilot telecommunications program, the pilot program`s guidelines for the duration of the pilot program are managed. There is no need to re-register existing teleworkers with the new form. If you already have a functional telecommuting app and a registration process, you can continue to use it.

If you do not have an established telework program, please use the attached registration form. All existing telemutation programs will resume their regular guidelines when pilot programs expire. The Governors` Directive, which stipulates that non-essential workers work from home, is due to continue until 31 March. The presidential message of 17.03.2020 was accompanied by a list of the main staff appointed. If you have not been qualified as an essential employee, you must work from home. Please complete the telework application form and send it back to the vice president in your area. If you have been designated as an important collaborator and plan to work both from campus and at home, you must complete the form. Please click here for a full description of the program, information on: Definitions, opportunities for participation, General Guidelines and Deliveries, Agency Guidelines/Security Information and Program Dates) Note that the Chancellor`s telecommunications application form remains in effect until May 14.

However, remember that this crisis is changing every day and that we may need to change the termination date to best serve our students. The educational institution is not required to submit the telecommunications form. However, it is important to continue to communicate with your dean/director/president with updates and questions about the transition to distance learning.

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