Town Of Stony Plain Collective Agreement

All other contentious issues were resolved earlier through negotiation and, in particular, by circumstances created by the signing of a five-year contract between the Alberta government and the Alberta Teachers` Association on the Teachers` Pension Plan and the Teachers` Allowance. The arbitration panel was created when teachers and administrators agreed to binding voluntary mediation on issues that remain after the strike ended. Health expenditure accounts for teachers employed less Half the time was the third edition for arbitrations submitted. Teachers argued that all teachers employed between 0.2 and 0.5 full-time equivalent should benefit from a health expense account, especially since teachers did not have other supplementary health insurance during half-time. The arbitration panel agreed and indicated that language, including pro-rata health expenditure accounts for teachers in this category, should be included in the collective agreement. After a bitter strike and long-term arbitration, teachers at Parkland`s school division have three reasons to smile. The Stony Plain Reporter/Grove Examiner`s 30th May editorial described the referee`s decision as teaching hours as a “victory for the little guy.” The editorial also says, “Whether you agree with the unions or the right to strike, you should admire teachers for the fact that they stand up – not just for themselves – but for their students by offering them a better time.” Teachers from the Parkland School Division offer professional educational services to more than 9,400 students in schools in Parkland County, the City of Spruce Grove and the City of Stony Plain.Also in The News Robert Twerdoclib, president of Parkland Teachers Local, 586 people, said he was pleased with the panel`s decisions. “The Court of Arbitration has provided clear and unequivocal confirmation of the actions of Parkland teachers in this incredibly long ordeal,” said Twerdoclib. “Parkland teachers are committed to continuing to work with our department to build relationships and create the best possible learning conditions for all Parkland students.” The focus was on the number of hours of instruction taught by Parkland teachers.

For Parkland primary schools in itself, teaching time was between 885 and 965 hours and, compared to schools in neighbouring jurisdictions, Teachers in Parkland generally worked many more hours. In its findings, the Arbitration Tribunal wrote: “The differences between one school and another in Parkland are, frankly, difficult to understand.” As a result, the board has allocated the position represented by teachers, which provides for approximately 885 hours of higher education courses and 907 hours of teacher instruction at the junior and primary level.

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