Vessel Brokerage Agreement

Owner agrees to give BROKER the right to present the vessel to potential buyers. BROKER is responsible for proof of the necessary fuel and the crew, provided, however, that BROKER can use the available fuel without any obligation to replace or pay for the fuel used. Owner undertakes to maintain insurance on the ship for the usual risks and on the amounts normally held on the ship. This insurance coverage is primary and broker is considered an insured. Owner agrees, at BROKER`s request, to provide copies of policies or other proof of coverage. “ship”: any ship, other vessel and/or equipment intended for use on, inside or above water, including, but not exclusively, drilling rigs, latches, submersible vessels and barges. 7.2 If the commission payable to the broker is included in a commission clause or in a particular commission agreement, the commission must be paid in accordance with this clause or agreement. It is presumed that the broker is acting on the basis of the inclusion of this clause and accepts the terms of the commission clause for his right to commission. These terms and conditions apply to all transactions between you and the broker and take effect when you ask the broker to provide services or react to the broker with respect to the provision of services. These terms and conditions create a legally binding agreement between you and the broker (you, broker and services are defined below). This evaluation list is provided to inform you of this document and to help you in your preparation. This is a standard brokerage contract and can be applied to other items, with the exception of boats or ships.

This is the whole agreement between the parties and this agreement can only be changed by a letter sent by the parties. Owner thus grants BROKER the exclusive right to sell the ship for a period of 19 days. The vessel must have the following options, marine electronics and accessories: – in good working order. A full description of the vessel is attached to Appendix 1. In the event that a buyer of the vessel requests and pays for an independent inspection of the sea by a qualified marine surveyor and reveals structural or safety deficiencies, the owner undertakes to give appropriate consideration, whether it is a refurbishment or a surcharge in the purchase price. The owner keeps the vessel, electronics and accessories airworthy. Broker does not assume responsibility for maintenance. 7.5 In the absence of concrete provisions in the commission clause on travel chartering, a commission for deadfreight and insanity and freight should be paid. Freight includes all items with freight rate. At this time, the board charters on rent rent and any charter proceedings or renewals. In the event of a sales contract, the commission must be paid upon delivery of the ship and payment of the purchase price. In the case of new construction contracts, the commission must be paid as soon as each step is paid.

The Commission is payable for the amounts you have received if they are received and you will not be reluctant to pay until unrelated matters have been resolved.

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