Webinar Sponsorship Agreement

2.11 The sponsor accepts and acknowledges that much of the value of the sponsorship rights provided there comes from pre-advertising, pre-broadcasts, editorial reports, advertising and other ICAEW references to members and the business community and/or the fact that the sponsor is related to the activity and/or EWICA for sponsorship. Accordingly, the promoter recognizes that if the activity is cancelled or if the activity`s filers resign before the release date, this does not allow the Sponsor to be reimbursed in full by the ICAEW or allows the sponsor to withhold payment of the sponsorship fees due and due. NAATP will transfer much of our educational programs from our annual cancelled conference to a webinar series on live webinars, videos and on-demand sessions. This allows us to continue to support and question our members and stakeholders. NAATP is grateful and dependent on our generous sponsors who support NAATP National year after year. Since NAATP relies on sponsorship funds for its day-to-day operations, we encourage our annual sponsors to transfer their support to a webinar sponsoring. NAATP members receive a discount of 750 $US on webinar sponsorship. Webinar sponsorships are separate from content and abstract selection, and sponsorship application has no influence on abstract selection. NAATP has never supported pay-to-play models and has chosen not to allow moderators to sponsor their own webinar presentations. 1.2 These general terms of activity must be read in conjunction with your agreement with the ICAEW and all corresponding mission or marketing confirmations which, together with all the documents or other conditions mentioned in them, constitute the agreement between the parties with respect to the activity. “Sponsor,” if mentioned in these terms and conditions, has the same meaning as “Partner” or any other term that defines you as a party in your agreement with the ICAEW.

The filing of our sponsorship application is required for verification by staff. Once the interest is submitted and verified, NAATP staff will contact you within 14-21 business days to inform you of the sponsorship status. We advise you to read our webinars page to see our future webinar offers. Find out about sponsor availability by sending an email info@naatp.org. Compatibility with the mission and values of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (“NAATP”) is important. NAATP reserves the right to determine the authorization and to accept or refuse at any time exhibitors, sponsors, products or promotions that do not correspond to the mission, values, ethics, character or purpose of the NAATP webinar.

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